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Welcome to the PackCheck support site.

Going somewhere? Doing something? Pack different. Pack fast. Arrive with what you need.

PackCheck is great for trips but not just trips. Musicians, arrive at the gig with what you need. Contractors, get to the job site with the right tools. Photographers, guides, instructors, students, journalists, laborers, installers, caterers, event planners, repairwomen (and men), outdoor enthusiasts, and more.

Maybe you're just going to the gym. Or going on a day-hike. Or a day of skiing. Or Everest base camp. PackCheck helps you get there with what you need.

How does it work?


PackCheck. It's in the bag!

What people are saying:

"Packing apps are often more of a hassle than a help, but PackCheck stands out from the crowd because of the detailed suggestion lists it generates when you add an activity to your itinerary. For a hiking adventure it included everything I could think of and some things that had never crossed my mind (such as a small roll of duct tape). Also clever: when you add an item to your list, it reminds you to pack related accessories (such as cords for portable GPS and electronics)."

Domini Clark, Travel Editor
Globe and Mail

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